Friendship Goals

We read for enjoyment, but literature plays an important role in human development, and one of those roles is teaching us about being a good friend. When we read, we live vicariously through the characters, we observe the way they respond to situations and think about how we would respond faced with the same stimuli. In that way, books are a little like flight simulators. We get to observe the way that situations could possibly play out in real life. The reality is that no matter where a fictional novel is set, nor the species the book is about, what really keeps us thinking about the book long after the last page is the characters and the way they responded to the setting into which the author threw them.

CaribbeanReads’ books investigate a number of different relationships, friendships, romance, rivalries, and more. The way that these are resolved has been a great source of enjoyment and inspiration for our readers. Here are some of the friendship traits that come to light in CaribbeanReads’ books.

I can be non-judgmental

“I spotted something in the corner. It looked like a ball of fur. I sniffed and it definitely did not smell like a dog.
I sniffed again and this time it moved.
I growled. I was so disappointed. This ball of fluff couldn’t be my best friend. It wasn’t even a dog.”

Lion Paw and Oliver in their Unlikely Friendship, book one of the Living the Beach Life Series by Heidi Fagerberg.

Lion Paw and Oliver making friends

I support my friends in their good times

In Chee Chee’s Adventures, Chee Chee and Mark struggle over the fruit in their garden until they come to a mutually-supportive agreement.

Chee Chee Adventures growing friendships

I can see humour in life

“What are you?” Dolphin asks.
“I’m a jellyfish,” the strange creature says. “What are you?”
“I’m an Arctic seal,” says Dolphin.
The jellyfish laughs. “Man, are you a fish outta water.”
Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure by Joanne C. Hillhouse illustrated by Danielle Boodoo Fortuné

Coral and Dolphin make friends

I am loyal

When Charlie Sand comes to town, Sirus feels threatened by his presence, but Bubba proves himself loyal to the end.
The Blessing of Charlie Sand by Amanda Smyth illustrated by Colin Bootman.

The Blessing of Charlie Sand Friends forever

I am a good listener

Tata has to get past the big bad bull to get to and from school. Luckily he is a good listener!
‘Tata goes to the pasture gate.
His legs tremble.
His arms shake.
“Mr Bull, I’m sorry for making you mad.
Have you always been this big and bad?”’
Tata and the Big Bad Bull by Juleus Ghunta illustrated by Ann-Cathrine Loo

I am trustworthy and dependable

In the second story of ocean friendships in SeaScapes by Carol Ottley-Mitchell illustrated by Vanessa Soodeen, a cleaning Gobie keeps his promise despite being terrified and in the process, makes a new friend.

I experience and express empathy for others

When Pella’s family falls on hard times, Stacia steps up and together they make it through childhood days in The Plum Tree by Martha Blanchard. Cover illustration by Jonathan Gladding.

Female Character Pella and Stacia

I support my friends in the bad times

When Shaka starts dating Zahara, she finds herself part of a tight-knit family in the Lion Crew. Award-winning Musical Youth by Joanne C. Hillhouse. Cover illustration by Glenroy Aaron.

Musical Youth Friendship Excerpt

I am honest

Stein is one of the most loved characters in Barberry Hill by Carol Ottley-Mitchell. He calls things as he sees it, no holds barred. Cover illustration by Ryan James.

Barberry Hill Friends

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