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14 Responses to Join Mailing List

  1. Vellie Nicholas-Benta

    Hi! I am so excited about CaribbeanReads and the future of Caribbean literature!
    Currently, I am writing my first YA novel and am totally immersed in it…just attended a worskshop with Joanne Hillhouse and am so fired up.

    Will get in touch with you soon!
    Yours truly,
    Vellie Nicholas-Benta

  2. Hello,
    It has taken me some time but I have finally connected with Caribbean Reads and I am truly excited about my discovery!

    I am in the process of preparing my first novel (perhaps to be Self published) unless I get lucky before. And I am looking for possible reviewers and or any connection which promotes Caribbean Literature and will help to promote my writing.
    I am looking forward to linking up!
    Best wishes
    Cindy McKenzie

  3. Judi

    I am attempting to add my email to your mailing list but, I push the subscribe button and nothing happens. Can you add me to your mailing list?

  4. Sher Mattocks

    I queried CaribbeanReads regarding publishing a book , and found it very easy to speak to them about my work. Not only are they very professional, but quite encouraging as well. I am hopeful that with their help and expertise, My name will one day grace the cover of a novel …or two.

  5. I know one of your writers, saw her book on Amazon and found you.

    Do you have a facebook group for Caribbean writers.

    Good kuck with your business. I’m about to write a book for grownup kids and might need you and an illustrator in the Caribbean.

    • Carol Mitchell

      Hi, Thanks for writing. We don’t run a Facebook page for Caribbean Writers but there are a few. There is one called Caribbean Writers. It is a closed group but you can request admission. Best of luck with your book. We look forward to seeing it when it is complete.

  6. Dannabang

    I teach Caribbean literature at the University of Puerto Rico and I also write about the Caribbean in my poetry. I would love to join the group and get email notifications.

  7. Rachel

    Patiently trying to join your mailing list but nothing’s happening. Can you please add me as enjoying your website & recommendations.

  8. Arona Fahie- Forbes

    I got your contact from Mrs, Delores Jones. She recently published her first book from the British Virgin Islands. I have published three books thus far and would like to published my fourth. What are your requirements. I already have the pictures and write up in a word document.

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