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Glenroy Aaron

Aaron’s subjects vary as his style evolves and influences around him change. He has exhibited at the Sugar Ridge, Jumby Bay and Harmony Hall Art galleries. His solo exhibition “Local” has received national acclaim. Glenroy’s CaribbeanReads’ Titles
Musical Youth

Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné

Danielle is a poet and artist from Trinidad. Her work has been featured in several international journals. She was awarded the Charlotte and Isidor Paeiwonsky Prize by The Caribbean Writer’s editorial board in 2009, nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2010, and awarded the Small Axe Poetry Prize in 2012. Danielle’s first solo art exhibition, Criatura, was held in June 2013 at the Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago. You can view more of her images and writing at her blog Half-Broken Things. Danielle’s CaribbeanReads’ Titles
Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure

Colin Bootman

An award winning artist, Colin Bootman was born in Trinidad and grew up in the United States. He holds a degree in visual arts. His first book, Young Frederick Douglass, was published in 1994 and received starred reviews. He has since worked with several publishers including Random House (Follow the Leader), Harper Collins (In My Momma’s Kitchen), Scholastic (Oh, No, Toto!), and Holiday House (Papa’s Mark). He received the Coretta Scott King Honor 2004, the Schneider Family Book Award 2006, the Ashley Bryan Lifetime Achievement Honor 2006, and several others. His books have won such awards as The Teachers’ Choice Award, The Comstock Award, The Storytelling World Award, The Golden Kite Honor, and many others. Mr. Bootman’s first written and Illustrated book (Fish For The Grand Lady), debuted in the fall of 2006. In addition to illustrating Mr. Bootman enjoys teaching and presenting to students throughout the country. Colin’s CaribbeanReads’ Titles
The Blessing of Charlie Sand

Kemara Brackin

St. Vincent and the Grenadines-born Kemara Brackin is a student of the Savannah College of Arts and Designs in Georgia, United States. She combines painting, collage and stenciling to produce exquisite pieces of work. One such creation has been made part of the national reservoir of art through Governor General Sir Frederick Ballantyne’s penchant for such collections. Kemara’s CaribbeanReads’ Titles
The Angry Sun

Christa-Ann Davis-Molloy

Born in Trinidad and Tobago, Christa-Ann Davis Molloy has called St. Croix home for the last 28 years. Christa uses vibrant colors to give expression to her art, which reflects the culture and history of the islands. Several hotels and businesses in the Caribbean and North american have purchased and showcase her work. While she is known for her portraits, cultural images and historical scenes, Christa-Ann’s art work can also be enjoyed on stone coasters, trivets, shower curtains, clocks, bags, mats, throw pillows and umbrellas. Christa-Ann’s CaribbeanReads’ Titles
Look! A Moko Jumbie
Dance Quadrille, Play Quelbe

Jonathan Gladding

Jonathan came to St. Lucia in 1999 as a Peace Corps officer and continues to live there. With his art he endeavours to do his part to preserve what is so special about the Caribbean and its people. He has exhibited extensively in the Caribbean, the US, and the UK and won numerous awards Jonathan’s CaribbeanReads’ Titles
The Plum Tree
Traditional Masquerade of Saint Lucia

Ryan James

Since completing his Bachelors in Illustration, Ryan has followed his passion for concept art, visual development and storyboarding for movies and video games. Preferring narrative and story telling over conceptual image making, he has illustrated children’s books and self published a book entitled “The Tale of the Forest Guardians.” Ryan’s CaribbeanReads’ Titles
Barberry Hill
The Protectors’ Pledge (cover)

Ann-Cathrine Loo

Ann-Cathrine Loo has been working steadily in art since 1989. She works in a variety of mediums and has varied experience of many different projects including illustrations for novels, academic essays, and corporate presentations; cartoons/manga; roleplaying gamebooks, novels and company logotypes. She communicates excellently with her clients, from the first idea/sketch, to the final, completed work. Ann-Cathrine’s CaribbeanReads’ Titles
Belly Full Soup
Caribbean Adventure Series:
   Adventure at Brimstone Hill
   Pirates at Port Royal
   Trapped in Dunstan’s Cave
   Fury on Soufriere Hills
Chee Chee’s Adventure Series
   Chee Chee in Paradise
   Chee Chee’s Big Plan
   Chee Chee’ Lost Paradise
   Chee Chee Fights Back
   Chee Chee Finds Home
   The Complete Collection of Chee Chee’s Adventures
Chee Chee Makes Music
Sweet Victory
Tata and the Big Bad Bull

Joan Mallalieu

Mrs. Mallalieu is one of St. Kitts’ best known artists. She holds a B.A. Fine Arts. She has been recognised as a Patron of the Arts in St. Kitts and has been awarded the National Award for the Development of Arts and Crafts. Joan’s CaribbeanReads’ Titles
A Colouring Book Tour of St. Kitts and Nevis

Rachel Moss

Rachel Moss is a Jamaican illustrator who loves the vibrant energies of the Caribbean. She studied Animation in England at the University of the Creative Arts and has illustrated several books including: I Am a Promise by Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce; African with lyrics by Peter Tosh; Respect with lyrics by Otis Redding; and These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ by Lee Hazlewood. A wife and mum of two, Rachel wants her work to help build strong and healthy families in the Caribbean and across the world. Rachel’s CaribbeanReads’ Titles
Rohan Bullkin and the Shadows

Daniel J. O’Brien

Daniel J. O’Brien is a Trinidadian born author and illustrator currently residing in New York. He holds a BFA in Illustration from The School of Visual Arts. Daniel has written, illustrated, designed, and self-published two children’s books. The Carnival Prince and I Am The Midnight Robber. Daniel’s CaribbeanReads’ Titles
The Masquerade Dance
The Talking Mango Tree

Peter Providence

Peter “Provi” Providence is a self-tutored Caribbean artist born on the island of St. Vincent. He began painting at the age of 13 and has a passion for blending nature with culture in a realistic style.
Working with oils on canvas, Peter challenges his viewers to look closely for minute details – small bits of driftwood on a sea shore, the shadow each ripple casts as light shines across the water.
His striking artwork has found appreciation locally, regionally and internationally and is also available as postcard prints. Within St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Peter’s paintings are hung at the offices of BMC Agencies in Kingstown, at The Headquarters of The Central Water and Sewage Authority and also at The Oasis Art Gallery in Bequia.
Provi’s CaribbeanReads’ Titles
Smile Bright


Rivenis is a self taught freelance artist living in and working from Barbados. Rivenis is a prolific illustrator and gifted writer, merging these two abilities in his current work the critically acclaimed cult favourite webcomic series Diskordia, a series he has been publishing independently since 2011. His work has appeared in numerous publications including prestigious digital art books such as Gothic Art, Exotique and Expose. He has also exhibited in several shows including The Damned art show in Detroit, and ‘We Pledge Allegiance’ at Manor Lodge. Rivenis’ CaribbeanReads’ Titles
Greyborn Rising

Vanessa Soodeen

Among her many other credits, Vanessa is the co-author (with Trinidadian writer Elspeth Duncan) of the Theatrical play ‘The House that Jack Built’ (Trinidad – 1996), author and illustrator of the children’s book ‘Mamás Mías’ (Spain 2004) and has been working professionally as a published illustrator and Graphic Designer for over ten years. She has exhibited her artwork in solo and group exhibitions in Trinidad & Tobago, England and Ireland. She has worked as a Creative Art Designer for an independent Television programme (SUN TV, Trinidad) and continues to work in multimedia with digital video creating Video art pieces as well as Documentaries. Vanessa’s CaribbeanReads’ Titles

Alwyn St. Omer

St. Lucian Alwyn St. Omer studied Art at the Edna Manley School for Visual Arts in Jamaica and Video production and Audio Visuals at Portsmouth College in England. His work includes the design of Saint Lucia’s National Independence Monument and the “Moon Dancer” Masquerade series of paintings. This series is an attempt, in painting, to revive interest in and to Save the lost Masquerade tradition, as a medium to acknowledge the islands rich biodiversity and to promote the concept for the preservation of our natural and cultural heritage. He is a Director of the St. Omer Art Institute, and has a list of publications under his belt, including Sands Tourism Magazine, the CIMPEX Home Companion Magazine, and the Wakonté series of children’s colouring books and comics. He is also former television producer and carnival band leader and designer. As a painter, Alwyn specializes in abstract art, landscape paintings and murals. Alwyn’s CaribbeanReads’ Titles
Traditional Masquerade of Saint Lucia

Cherise Ward

This Barbadian illustrator holds a BFA in Illustration at the New York School of Visual Arts. Her is inspired by nature, fashion, intricate designs and her love of fantasy and storytelling. She primarily uses acrylic ink on watercolour paper. Cherise’s CaribbeanReads’ Titles
Another Day

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