Traditional Masquerade of Saint Lucia

Traditional Masquerade of St. Lucia Cover

St. Lucia’s Traditional Masquerade is an exciting street parade performed during our Christmas Season, comprising costumed characters patterned off St. Lucia’s rich history. This book describes the performance of the Masquerade, including detailed descriptions of the main performers, their costumes, and the chants and rituals they perform. The book also includes a listing of each musical instrument and a description of the choreography of the dances. Beautifully illustrated with artwork by Alwyn St. Omer and Jonathan Gladding, this book provides the perfect companion for anyone interested in learning about this cultural art.

June Frederick
Alwyn St. Omer
Jonathan Gladding
978-1953747020 (Paperback)
$10.99 (Paperback)
Caribbean, Culture, Ebook and print
St. Lucia
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About the Author
June Frederick is a St. Lucian cultural activist and educator. She is passionate about the development of youngsters in the arts and traditional Masquerade. She believes that the arts provide invaluable disciplines for life while providing youngsters with skills for theatre, and that learning about one’s culture and participating in traditional arts instills a sense of national pride that nothing else can teach. Read more about activities in St. Lucia on this Facebook page.