The Talking Mango Tree

The Talking Mango Tree Front Cover

What are the animals to do when the mango tree with the tastiest mangoes in the forest starts talking? The tree makes each animal perform before they can pick a mango. But who ever heard of a talking mango tree? Finally, Papa Bois, protector of animals and forests, comes to the rescue to uncover this mystery.

A Caribbean twist on a fun, heartwarming tale of ingenuity, forgiveness, and community.

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A H Benjamin
Daniel J. O’Brien
978-1953747006 (Paperback)
978-1953747013 (Hard Cover)
$8.99 (Paperback)
$16.50 (Hard Cover)
Caribbean, Children, Ebook and print
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About the Author

A H Benjamin is an international children’s author who has been writing since the mid-eighties. He has written 50 books which have sold worldwide with over 25 translations including Chinese, Afrikaans, Greek and Arabic. Some of his work has been adapted for radio, television and theatre. He lives in Lincolnshire (UK) with his wife, Trisha. They have four grown up children and five young grandchildren who have all been an inspiration to him.
Contributor’s Prior Work
Little Mouse and the Big Red Apple, It Could Have Been Worse, The Nearsighted Giraffe Mouse, Mole and the Falling Star, “Oh, No,” Said Elephant, and many more…

A H Benjamin