The Talking Mango Tree

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What are the animals to do when the mango tree with the tastiest mangoes in the forest starts talking? The tree makes each animal perform before they can pick a mango. But who ever heard of a talking mango tree? Finally, Papa Bois, protector of animals and forests, comes to the rescue to uncover this mystery.

A Caribbean twist on a fun, heartwarming tale of ingenuity, forgiveness, and community.

Need to know more? Here is a sneak peek from a young reader, Joshua Orr.

(If you cannot hear the audio, watch it on YouTube.)

You can read more about Papa Bois here.

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A H Benjamin
Daniel J. O’Brien
978-1953747006 (Paperback)
978-1953747013 (Hard Cover)
978-1953747082 (eBook)
$11.00 (Paperback)
$16.50 (Hard Cover)
$2.99 (eBook)
Caribbean, Children, Ebook and print
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Midwest Review The Talking Mango TreeIn the February 2021 Midwest Book Review, Senior Reviewer D. Donovan says: “The Talking Mango Tree receives gorgeous, full-color tropical pictures by Daniel J. O’Brien… [It] is a keepsake that will not ‘age’, but is certain to receive repeat attention and enjoyment from a wide audience of young readers (and even read-aloud adults working with them). It is very, very highly recommended reading.” – D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

LoveReading4Kids:Book Review Books we love

  • I read this book with three hats on. First, my mum hat, second my primary school teacher hat and finally my bibliophile hat. This book ticked every single box.
  • This is definitely a book I would read to my children and also to my class. I love the fact that some of the proceeds go to helping literacy in the Caribbean as well. I need a physical copy of this on my shelf.
  • The bright and colourful illustrations match this text very well. I especially liked the birds’ eye view from the top of the tree on pages 2 – 3. This simple tale uses the familiar and traditional theme of repetition which children enjoy.
  • A great story for younger children with colourful pictures and plenty to talk about with them. New readers will also learn – using some repetitive phrases and the pictures to help them work out some of the words if they don’t recognise them.
  • A.H.Benjamin has written around 50 picture books for young children over the past 35 years and in his latest, ‘The Talking Mango Tree’, he shows no sign of running out of ideas for them. This book is a joy to read and very beautifully illustrated on every page by Daniel J.O’Brien.

“It’s rare that a children’s book enchants you from page 1 and holds you captive until the last word. Author A H Benjamin’s The Talking Mango Tree with wonderful artwork by Daniel J O’Brien will keep early readers and listeners guessing from start to finish.” Robin Stuart-Clark, author/illustrator, Cape Town

“This is a delightful story with a hilarious twist I didn’t see coming. The illustrations are colourful and amusing. The artist captures the bemused, comical looks on the animals faces very well as they are instructed to do absurd things such as dance ballet and perform acrobatics. Overall, a light-hearted tale of mischief that children will love.” Daya Subramanian, author and editor

About the Author

A H Benjamin is an international children’s author who has been writing since the mid-eighties. He has written 50 books which have sold worldwide with over 25 translations including Chinese, Afrikaans, Greek and Arabic. Some of his work has been adapted for radio, television and theatre. He lives in Lincolnshire (UK) with his wife, Trisha. They have four grown up children and five young grandchildren who have all been an inspiration to him.
Contributor’s Prior Work
Little Mouse and the Big Red Apple, It Could Have Been Worse, The Nearsighted Giraffe Mouse, Mole and the Falling Star, “Oh, No,” Said Elephant, and many more…

A H Benjamin

About the Illustrator
Daniel J. O’Brien is a Trinidadian-born author and illustrator currently residing in New York with his wife Ashleigh and his loyal dog, Obbie. Daniel holds a BFA in Illustration from The School of Visual Arts. His training, coupled with his love of science, folklore, and nature, inspires Daniel to create otherworldly illustrations.