Fictional Females of CaribbeanReads

The way women are portrayed in literature has evolved over time and in CaribbeanReads’ books, you find female characters who represent the diversity of characteristics that women, in reality, are. So today we will highlight some of the girls and women who play a role in CaribbeanReads’ literature- the characters.

Ingrid is a friend of Mark, the main character in The Caribbean Adventure Series by Carol Ottley-Mitchell. She is the nemesis of Mark’s best friend, Kyle, a triangular relationship which makes for interesting times! Female Character Ingrid
Zahara is the quiet and talented guitar-wielding star of award-winning Musical Youth by Joanne C. Hillhouse. Female Character Zahara
Lynelle leads her siblings in and out of danger in a human cell in Zapped! by Jewel Daniel and Lynelle Martin. Female Character Lynelle
Pella and Stacia support each other through childhood days in The Plum Tree by Martha Blanchard Female Character Pella and Stacia
Jasmine dances in The annual Quadrille and Quelbe Festival in Dance Quadrille Play Quelbe by Opal Palmer Adisa. Female Character Jasmine
Focused and principled, Alia is the heroine making it through the Hurricane of the Heart by Jewel Amethyst. Female Character Alia
Love’s Promise by Opal Palmer Adisa has a large cast of women working their way through many different situations affecting their hearts. Female Characters
Katherine, the somewhat-reformed soucouyant, is just one of the females fighting to save the world in Greyborn Rising by Derry Sandy. Female Character Katherine

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