CaribbeanReads has worked with a number of illustrators. Here are some success stories.

Glenroy Aaron (bio coming soon)

Ann-Cathrine Loo is the illustrator of the Caribbean Adventure Series and Chee Chee’s Adventures. She has been working steadily in art since 1989. She works in a variety of mediums and has varied experience of many different projects including illustrations for novels, academic essays, and corporate presentations; cartoons/manga; roleplaying gamebooks, novels and company logotypes. She communicates excellently with her clients, from the first idea/sketch, to the final, completed work.

Vanessa Soodeen is the illustrator of Seascapes. Among her many other credits, she is the co-author (with Trinidadian writer Elspeth Duncan) of the Theatrical play ‘The House that Jack Built’ (Trinidad – 1996), author and illustrator of the children’s book ‘Mamás Mías’ (Spain 2004) and has been working professionally as a published illustrator and Graphic Designer for over ten years. She has exhibited her artwork in solo and group exhibitions in Trinidad & Tobago, England and Ireland. She has worked as a Creative Art Designer for an independent Television programme (SUN TV, Trinidad) and continues to work in multimedia with digital video creating Video art pieces as well as Documentaries.

Cherise Ward is the illustrator of the cover of our first young adult novel, Another Day. This Barbadian illustrator holds a BFA in Illustration at the New York School of Visual Arts. Her is inspired by nature, fashion, intricate designs and her love of fantasy and storytelling. She primarily uses acrylic ink on watercolour paper.

3 Responses to Illustrators

  1. Chris B

    I am presently working on a series of short stories based in a small town in Trinidad and Tobago.

    I intend to publish, and would like to add some images to the stories.

    Can you kindly inform if you can help, and, if so, how to proceed.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,

    Chris B

  2. Yolanda Lezama-Clark

    My name is Yolanda Lezama-Clark and I’m looking to connect with a Children’s illustrator/author for a book that I would like to write.
    Can you please assist with a list. My email is
    Cell – (516) 984-8948.
    Thanking you in advance.

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