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CaribbeanReads’ Reading Series

In order to make our books accessible during the current social distancing/home schooling situation, CaribbeanReads is preparing readings of our children’s books and notes you can use to discuss the books with your children.
We’ve now shared two readings on YouTube, The Masquerade Dance by Carol Ottley-Mitchell and Look! A Moko Jumbie by Opal Palmer Adisa. Listen and enjoy. Both books are available on kindle if you would like to see the beautiful images by Daniel J. O’Brien and Christa-Ann Molloy Davis respectively.

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Lesson Plans for the uninitiated

As we adjust to the orders to remain at home during the COVID-19 crisis, a number of parents have been required to support their your children’s education at home. We wanted to point out a valuable resource published by Hands Across the Sea which is available on their website.

Three CaribbeanReads books are included in this valuable resource and we will be providing additional supporting material for our other books in the near future, so use this great Hands Across the Sea resource and be on the lookout for more from us!

Lesson Plans from Hands Across the Sea
Sweet Victory: Kindergarten on kindle
Oliver and Friends: Grade One on kindle
Chee Chee in Paradise: Grade Three

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CaribbeanReads at the Copenhagen Book Festival

The Copenhagen Book Festival opened today and two books by Opal Palmer Adisa, Look! A Moko Jumbie and Dance Quadrille, Play Quelbe were on display.

Lise Bostrop, the chair of the board of the Danish Language Circle, added the books to the organization’s display booth at the Festival. The promotional material informs visitors of the historical connection between Denmark and the US Virgin Islands and encourages them to learn about the culture of these islands as presented in Dr. Adisa’s children’s books.

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The Protectors’ Pledge-New Review-Richly Imaginative

The latest review of The Protectors’ Pledge by Danielle Y. C. McClean bills it as a great follow up to the Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings. The reviewer says “The Protectors’ Pledge was a compelling read from cover to cover–so much so that my daughter begged to keep reading until we finished.”

Read the full review here.

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CaribbeanReads June 2017 New Titles

View our catalog of new titles and our previous catalog to see what you missed.

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The Protectors’ Pledge in the US Capital

IMG_2180_cThird and fourth grade students at the Benjamin Orr Elementary School in DC were treated today to a visit from author and publisher Carol Mitchell of CaribbeanReads Publishing. Mrs. Mitchell was representing Danielle Y C. McClean author of The Protectors’s Pledge.

“The children were extremely attentive to the reading,” Mrs. Mitchell commented. “They begged me to continue after I stopped and we had a lively discussion about some of the ideas generated just in the first chapter, for example, parallels between mythical creatures of the Caribbean and creatures they have heard about, similarities between JV’s behavior towards his grandmother and their behavior towards their guardians, the significance of a Protector and a Pledge.”

The author, Ms. McClean made a surprise visit by video during the presentation.

Each of the children received a copy of The Protectors’ Pledge, bookmarks, and puzzles compliments of CaribbeanReads Publishing.

(Image-Carol Mitchell reading from The Protectors’ Pledge by Danielle Y. C. McClean)

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Sandy Point Handover

With the help of the Sandy Point Benevolent Society and other donors, CaribbeanReads was able to add a new school to the pilot program of Plant a Seed to Read, the initiative in which they provide culturally relevant books and curriculum support for the books to schools in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. The handover was attended by Mr. William Hodge, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education in St. Kitts-Nevis.

Books include Adventure at Brimstone Hill, Oliver and Friends, Remember When, Lion Paw and Oliver, and Chee Chee in Paradise.

Mr. Hodge Speaking Hands Up for Reading Group Photo Presentation Mrs. Mason, Heidi and Carol

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Charlie Sand Giveaway

The Blessing of Charlie Sand CoverBest friends Sirus and Bubba fit together like salt fish and bakes. That is until Charlie Sand moves into town. All of a sudden Bubba is having adventures with his new friend and Sirus doesn’t fit in. Can he find a way to share Bubba’s friendship with Charlie Sand?

Set in Trinidad and aimed at children aged 6-10, the Blessing of Charlie Sand is a heart-warming story of friendship author, Amanda Smyth and illustrated by Colin Bootman.

Praise for The Blessing of Charlie Sand
“Kids will love both story and pictures in this warm tale of friendship and magic.” —Olive Senior, author of Anna Carries Water and many other titles.

“The Blessing of Charlie Sand will inspire children to trust in the wisdom that comes from both beyond and within. The emotionally measured text and the immediacy of Bootman’s understated illustrations draw the reader in.” —Summer Edward, children’s book editor and founder of Anansesem

Amanda Smyth is Irish-Trinidadian. Her award winning first novel, Black Rock (Serpent’s Tail), was chosen for Oprah’s Summer Reads for 2009. Amanda’s second novel, A Kind of Eden was published in July 2013. She teaches Creative Writing at Arvon and Skyros. The Blessing of Charlie Sand is her first children’s book.

Colin Bootman is the Trinidadian illustrator of many children’s books and the recipient of the 2004 Coretta Scott King Illustrator Honor for his illustration of Almost to Freedom, written by Vaunda Micheaux Nelson

Enter to win a free copy of this book. The second edition of The Blessing of Charlie Sand will be on sale on March 16.

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Caribbean Adventure Series’ Facelift

When the Caribbean Adventure Series first launched back in 2007, I was doing everything myself including cover design. I’ve always been the first to admit that I have little talent when it comes to the visual arts and I have never been quite happy with the covers. Now that CaribbeanReads Publishing has been launched, I no longer do cover designs, I leave that to experts such as Kathryn Duncan of Karibgraphics. She recently worked with me to redesign the covers for the Adventure Series and I am very pleased with the results. See for yourself.

Let me know what you think and visit our book store to purchase these and others from our catalogue.

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And then there were nine…

Caribbean Reads’ ninth book, Seascapes, is now available on Amazon just in time for the holidays. It has been hailed as a delightful collection of beautifully illustrated stories about friendship. Great for children 8 and under although my 12 year old loved it. Get your copy today!

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