Our Books

The following books are published by CaribbeanReads Publishing


  • Adventure at Brimstone Hill (Caribbean Adventure Series 1) (Kindle Edition) by Carol Mitchell
  • The Angry Sun by Jazey Wallace
  • Another Day by Carol Mitchell
  • The Blessing of Charlie Sand by Amanda Smyth illustrated by Colin Bootman
  • The Caribbean Christmas Anthology featuring various Caribbean artists
  • Chee Chee’s Big Plan (Chee Chee’s Adventures 2) by Carol Mitchell
  • Chee Chee Fights Back (Chee Chee’s Adventures 4) by Carol Mitchell
  • Chee Chee Finds Home (Chee Chee’s Adventures 5) by Carol Mitchell
  • Chee Chee in Paradise (Chee Chee’s Adventures 1) by Carol Mitchell
  • Chee Chee’s Lost Paradise (Chee Chee’s Adventures 3) by Carol Mitchell
  • A Colouring Book Tour of St. Kitts-Nevis by Joan Mallalieu
  • For Better For Worse by David Edgecombe
  • Fury on Soufriere Hills (Caribbean Adventure Series 4) (Kindle Edition) by Carol Mitchell
  • Heaven by David Edgecombe
  • Hurricane of the Heart by Jewel Amethyst
  • Lady of Parham by David Edgecombe
  • Lion Paw and Oliver, An Unlikely Friendship (Living the Beach Life Series 1) (Kindle Edition) by Heidi Fagerberg
  • Look! A Moko Jumbie by Opal Palmer Adisa
  • Marvin and the Race to the Nest by Carol Ottley-Mitchell and Dr. Theodore Ferguson
  • Musical Youth by Joanne Hillhouse
  • The Plum Tree by Martha Blanchard
  • Oliver and Friends (Living the Beach Life Series 3) (Kindle Edition) by Heidi Fagerberg
  • Pirates at Port Royal (Caribbean Adventure Series 2) (Kindle Edition) by Carol Mitchell
  • Remember When, Wilbur the Beach Pig (Living the Beach Life Series 2) (Kindle Edition) by Heidi Fagerberg
  • Seascapes by Carol Mitchell
  • Smile Bright by Jazey Wallace
  • Trapped in Dunston’s Cave (Caribbean Adventure Series 3) (Kindle Edition) by Carol Mitchell
  • Zapped! Danger in the Cell (Small Worlds Series 1) by Jewel A. Daniel and Lynelle A. Martin