The Whisperer’s Warning: Secrets of Oscuros

The Whisperer's Warning Danielle Y. C. McLean and Rachel Moss

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Winner of the 2022 Bocas Children’s Book Prize

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“There’s plenty, plenty more to this world than what we see with our eyes.”

12-year-old JV is learning just how much truth lies behind those words.

He has discovered that he’s one of a select few entrusted with preserving the balance between the world’s natural and unnatural realms and is now more driven than ever to know who his birth parents are.

But there’s another mystery in the usually quiet village of Alcavere that he can’t ignore. He and his friends, Carol and Riaz, have received a cryptic warning from a supernatural being who dwells in the Oscuros Forest, launching them into a high-stakes mission. Can they solve the riddle and protect a villager from the foretold doom before time runs out?

Read The Protectors’ Pledge, the first book in the Secrets of Oscuros Series.

Many folklore characters make appearances in The Secrets of Oscuros Series. Read more about Papa Bois, Mama D’lo, Douens, and soucouyants.

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Danielle Y. C. McClean
Illustrations by:
Rachel Moss
978-1953747150 (Paperback)
978-1953747167 (eBook)
$13.50 (Paperback)
$4.99 (eBook)
Caribbean, Children’s, Folklore
Date published:
2022-01-31 (Paperback)
Age Range:
8-12 years

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“Caribbean folklore has the potential to be a rich source for speculative fiction stories. In The Whisperer’s Warning,…JV continues to be a plucky and empathetic hero as the tale goes deeper into the mysteries of the Oscuros Forest and his shady family heritage. A fast-paced, entertaining story with a very satisfying resolution, this book is full of folklore and traditional folk knowledge in a relatable tale for young readers.” – Lisa Allen-Agostini, author of Home Home

“It’s been a year since I read the debut novel…The Protectors’ Pledge, and I must say the sequel picks up so seamlessly! I missed the crew of characters, especially Granny B and her quips (which are the most realistic Caribbean granny phrases ever) and I loved the plot development…. Super, super enjoyable. The perfect gifts for the children in your life…or even for yourself if you want to delve into some folklore fiction.” – Rayingbooks

“When I read The Protector’s Pledge I fell in love with the village of Alcavere and the mysterious forest of Oscuros. Danielle McClean’s descriptive and culture-celebrating writing brought the characters of JV, Granny B, and Papa Bois alive. The Whisperer’s Warning picks up right where The Protector’s Pledge ends. The reader is quickly enveloped in the ominous douens, eerie jumbies and soucouyants, and JV’s pursuit of his past and engagement with his new mission. The mystery that JV and his friends, Carol and Riaz, set out to solve keeps the reader absorbed through to its surprising end. Ms. McClean has written another brilliant novel that will receive much praise and accolades. I cannot wait to add The Whisperer’s Warning to both my personal collection and my school’s library.” -Kendall Doogan, Assistant Principal, Librarian and Technology Teacher.

“The Whisperer’s Warning is riveting and keeps you turning the page to find out more, as you see JV’s story of his lineage start to unfold. We are all rooting for JV as he attempts to conquer the evil of the forest with his sidekicks Carol and Riaz and an unlikely ally Marie. This book seamlessly continues from the end of the Protector’s Pledge. I love the introduction of the new folklore characters like the Soucouyant and Jumbies and the development of the Douens into more than just mischief makers. I love that JV cares for all creatures, and does not see evil first, and I like that both books focus on the richness of Caribbean folklore. I enjoyed Danielle’s trademark glossary of Caribbean words and look forward to the rest of the series.” – Marsha Gomes-Mckie, Founder, Caribbean Books Foundation

About the Author

Danielle Y. C. McClean is an author, a translator, and an interpreter. She has degrees in French, Spanish, and law, and is passionate about language, folklore, mythology, and foreign cultures. Originally from the Caribbean republic of Trinidad and Tobago, she currently lives in Tennessee with her husband and two children. The Whisperer’s Warning is McClean’s second novel and the sequel to The Protectors’ Pledge-one of three winning titles of CODE’s 2016 Burt Award for Caribbean Literature. You can visit her online at