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E-Picture Books

CaribbeanReads put out our first kindle picture book back in 2012. It was Lion Paw and Oliver: An Unlikely Friendship, the first book in the Living the Beach Life series by Heidi Fagerberg.

Way back then…seven years is an eon when it comes to technology…the process for developing picture books that would be read on an electronic device was challenging and the results less than perfect.

Scholastic Biannual Report supports giving children access to books in all formats

We really wanted the books to be available in an e-version. We believe that one of the best ways to encourage children to read is ensure that books are visible and always within easy reach. E-books on their devices next to their other electronic activities, can be a way to encourage children to access books over and over again. So we persisted, and ended up putting the text and image on separate pages. This helped with the flow of the text but was not ideal for the beginning readers who love Heidi’s books.

As I’m sure you’ve guessed, the technology has changed and it’s now easier to produce these books in an easy-to-read format, and we’ve updated the entire Living the Beach Life series and some of our other titles. The good news is that, if you’ve already bought an ebook it will automatically update the next time you open it while connected to the internet. If you haven’t got your ecopy of Heidi’s books, check it out. Ebooks are a great alternative for entertaining little ones.

CaribbeanReads picture book titles with e-versions (all books will be converted soon):

No need to wait for your book to arrive, start reading today!

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Facelift for the Living the Beach Life Series

When we published Lion Paw and Oliver, An Unlikely Friendship, the first installation of Heidi Fagerberg’s Living the Beach Life Series in 2012, we had no idea that we were at the beginning of a fruitful, collaborative relationship that would bear seven titles by Heidi. Heidi’s contributions to CaribbeanReads have gone far beyond the books w have published together. She is trained in early childhood education and so is an integral part of our team as we work to provide quality titles in our children’s catalog.

Heidi was one of the first authors to trust CaribbeanReads with her ideas and dreams. She chose to write about the animals on Reggae Beach, Lion Paw, Oliver, Wilbur, and Miss Mocha because they were so close and dear to her heart and she wanted to share that joy with others. The downside of working with a small press and a new one at the time, was that she journeyed with us as we navigated the world of publishing and she had to endure our growing pains. While I loved the original covers of the Living the Beach Life Series, the new touches put on them by Kitwana Julius give these books the brilliant shine they deserve.

The  Living the Beach Life Series is available in bookstores in the Caribbean, online on Amazon, in kindle, in libraries and schools in the Caribbean, and coming soon in audio. Heidi and the CaribbeanReads team are available for school visits and more.



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