Living the Beach Life Series

The books in this series are written by Heidi Fagerberg and published right here at CaribbeanReads Publishing. The first book in the Living the Beach Life Series, An Unexpected Friendship, was launched in June 2012. Book 2, Remember When was published in December 2012.

An Unlikely Friendship
What happens when a lonely dog has to share a Caribbean beach with a tiny monkey? Can these two animals ever become friends? Read Lion Paw and Oliver-An Unlikely Friendship, Book 1 of Living the Beach Life to find out. Lion Paw and Oliver live on the island of St Kitts at Reggae Beach, Cockleshell bay. They LOVE visitors and maybe one day you can come visit their home. You can pet them and bring special treats like fruit loops, bananas, pretzels, mangoes and more. Come join our family for the day, the more the merrier.
Remember When
Wilbur the beach pig lived to almost 12 years old on the island of St Kitts. During his life Wilbur made many friends and had many adventures with the other animals he met on the beach; Lion Paw, Oliver and Shylo just to name a few. He was loved by all of his friends. In fact, if you visit Reggae Beach in St. Kitts you can see a beautiful memorial that Wilbur’s friends have built in his honor. Wilbur wanted to share his memories with us so he left behind this fun photo journal of his life, “Remember When”.
Oliver and Friends
the adventures continue for the beach animals Oliver, Lion Paw, and Wilbur when a new animal, Miss Mocha comes to live on Reggae Beach in St. Kitts. Oliver tells about his wonderful friendship with Miss Mocha and delights us with stories of the mischief and fun they have together.