Musical Youth named one of 100 best books reviewed by Kirkus Reviews in 2020!

Kirkus Reviews has selected the second edition of Musical Youth as one of Kirkus Reviews’ Best Indie Books of 2020. The news will be shared in Kirkus newsletters going out today and on their website on December 21,2020.

Carol Mitchell of CaribbeanReads stated that “CaribbeanReads’ books have received very positive Kirkus Reviews in the past, but this is our first starred review, so we are very excited. To have Musical Youth chosen as one of the top 100 books by an Indie publisher this year is even more gratifying. It is a wonderful book and this is well-deserved.”

The first edition of Musical Youth was not submitted for a Kirkus review because traditional reviews typically require a book to be submitted at least three months before publication and the Burt Award prize (which the book won in 2014) required that the book be published within a very tight deadline. The second edition, released after the first run of books sold out, opened the door for an opportunity to submit the book for review.

The Timeline

Kirkus Best Books of 2020 ReviewOctober: Kirkus Reviews raved about the second edition of Musical Youth by Joanne C. Hillhouse and gave it a coveted starred review given to “books of exceptional merit.”
November: They included Musical Youth in their print magazine. Only 10% of books reviewed are chosen to be in print.
December: They announced that Musical Youth was one of the top 100 Indie books they reviewed in 2020.

Get a free book!

CaribbeanReads is celebrating the news with a 24 hour free eBook download of Musical Youth AND Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure today December 16. Click on the links to get your free copy.

About Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus Reviews is an American company founded in 1933 and focused on providing reviews that are high in integrity, honest, and accessible. According to their website, they review more than 8,000 books per year, and award starred reviews to “books of exceptional merit.”

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