Give a Child a Book Series…

When my children were younger they were obsessed with book series. They planned their reading based on the availability of the next book, mark dates on their calendars for when the next book was scheduled to be released.

Some Benefits of Introducing Your Children to Books in Series

More reading: Series help keep up momentum in your child’s reading, because there is another book that they already know they will enjoy.
Better engagement: Children love to collect and categorize things and what better things to collect than books!
Longterm readers: Series help children to identify themselves as readers ( They can engage in discussions about reading, about their favorite authors, and more.
More confident reading: Predictability in the characters and plot helps readers to understand the books easier and helps them to feel good about reading (
Scaffolded Reading: Because readers feel confident in their reading, series allow for subtle development of vocabulary and introduction of increasingly complex themes.

Series at CaribbeanReads

CaribbeanReads’ catalog includes a number of series for various ages. Introduce your children to them and watch them bloom!
Youngest Readers: Little One Series by Heidi Fagerberg illustrated by Ann-Catherine Loo
Living the Beach Life by Heidi Fagerberg
Younger Readers: Chee Chee’s Adventures by Carol Ottley-Mitchell illustrated by Ann-Catherine Loo
Middle Grade: Caribbean Adventure Series by Carol Ottley-Mitchell
Middle Grade: Secrets of Oscuros by Danielle Y. C. McClean

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