Zapped! Danger in the Cell

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When a mysterious machine shrinks Sonya, Lynelle, and Giselle to microscopic proportions they become so small that they slip through the walls of a cell and the three girls find themselves caught up in a roller coaster of an adventure that has them running for their lives.

Do they ever escape?

Enjoyed by all ages, especially ages 9-12

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Jewel A. Daniel and Lynelle A. Martin
Ann-Catherine Loo
978-0989930567 (Paperback)
$9.99 (Paperback)
$4.99 (Kindle)
Children, Ebook and print
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“We’ve read the book and love it! So creative!” Representative of Port Discovery Children’s Museum, Baltimore.

“I loved it.  What a wonderful concept and great read. Congratulations. I think it is really a great book for middle schoolers. It is a very complicated and complex topic. You made it much more accessible.” Susan Magsamen, Senior Advisor, Brain Science Institute and Science of Learning Institute, Johns Hopkins University and Creator of Curiosityville.

“Zapped! Danger in the cell” written by Jewel Daniel and Lynelle Martin was a delight. The way they illustrated the function of our cells made it easy to understand. My daughter, …, rated the book as an excellent read. In fact, it was so enticing to her that she read through the entire book about three times. It has given her a new found appreciation for the essential role cells play in the body. Zapped, really zapped me. I will recommend this book to all children of specific target age to read. They will develop a most profound understanding of their biological make up. As a matter of fact, I know teachers will utilize this book as a reference material in their class rooms. Thanks Jewel and Lynelle for sharing your interesting insights with us. I anxiously look forward the sequel.” Happy parents and children.

About the Author

St. Kitts born Jewel is a cell biologist, author and educator who combines her love for science and books to teach kids about the exciting microscopic world of the cell. She already has three publications under the pen name Jewel Amethyst, A Marriage of Convenience, Holiday Brides, Pretty Little Liars: Indiscretion, and Hurricane of the Heart published by CaribbeanReads. Zapped is her first children’s novel.Lyn and Jewel cover photo

Lynelle is the star of this show. She wrote Zapped! when she was a rising middle school student with an avid interest in science and adventure. Zapped is her debut novel.

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