The Caribbean Adventure Series

The Caribbean Adventure Series, written by Carol Ottley-Mitchell and illustrated by Ann-Cathrine Loo, follows three children and a monkey who have exciting, magical adventures in the Caribbean. The books are aimed at children aged 7-10. All books are available in Kindle editions. Also check out our puzzles and games and reading guides.

Caribbean Adventure Series 1

Adventure at Brimstone Hill

Join Mark, Kyle and Ingrid on their very first adventure as they follow a mischievous monkey through a secret passage at the Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park in St. Kitts.

They find themselves transported to the 18th century, captured as spies and thrown into a fierce battle between the British and the French for this famous fort.

About Brimstone Hill

Brimstone Hill is a UNESCO world heritage site located in St. Kitts. It was built by the English in the early 18th century to defend the island. It stands today as one of the best preserved historical fortifications in the Americas.

Caribbean Adventure Series 2

Pirates at Port Royal

Port Royal was destroyed by an earthquake in 1692, but that does not stop Mark, Kyle and their pet monkey Chee Chee from having an adventure there during their summer in Jamaica. The children once again find themselves in the past. This time they team up with Henry Morgan, a famous pirate, on an adventure that takes them to Venezuela where they have to destroy a fleet of Spanish ships to save their lives.

About Port Royal

During the 17th century, Port Royal, Jamaica was one of the largest towns in the English colonies. It was very important in commercial trade at the time and was home to many privateers and pirates, such as the famous Sir Henry Morgan. The city has been affected by several natural disasters, but remains an important historical site in Jamaica.

Caribbean Adventure Series 3

Trapped in Dunston’s Cave

Mark, Kyle, Ingrid and Mark’s pet monkey Chee Chee set off for a school trip to Trinidad’s Asa Wright Nature Center excited and ready for adventure. However, when Kyle disappears in the rain forest, the trip turns into a dangerous encounter with poachers who are trying to steal rare oilbirds from Dunston’s Cave. Can Chee Chee once again rescue the children from danger?

About Dunston’s Cave

Dunston Cave is a cave on the grounds of the Asa Wright Nature Centre, a research facility and sanctuary in the Northern Range of Trinidad and Tobago. The caves are home to a colony of oilbirds, the only nocturnal fruit-eating birds in the world. They forage at night and navigate using echolocation just as bats do. The cave is named in honour of John Dunston, a local entomologist, who helped protect the colony of oilbirds from poachers.

Caribbean Adventure Series 4

Fury on Soufrière Hills

When Mark, Kyle and Mark’s pet monkey Chee Chee climbed the tallest mountain in St. Kitts, they thought that was the end of their adventure. In fact, it was just the beginning. In Fury on Soufrière Hills, the two best friends are once again thrown into an exciting adventure as they travel into the past to the island of Montserrat where, with Chee Chee’s help, they must help save the indigenous people from being destroyed by a volcanic eruption.

About Soufrière Hills volcano

Soufrière Hills volcano is located in the northern half of the island of Montserrat. After being dormant for 350 years, it became active in 1995 and started to build a new lava dome. The eruptions have destroyed a large part of the island, including the capital Plymouth. Some of the population evacuated while others have been relocated to the northern part of the island where they are rebuilding life on the island. The volcano’s activity is monitored by the Montserrat Volcano Observatory, one of the world’s most modern volcano observatories. The Soufrière Hills volcano ranks as one of the best-monitored active volcanoes world-wide.

Chaos in Castries Caribbean Adventure Series 5

Chaos in Castries

Shortlisted for the 2021 Bocas Children’s Book Prize
When Mark’s mother sends him and Chee Chee to St. Lucia to experience the cultural festival of Jounen Kwéyòl, Mark helps one of the dancers and finds himself thrown into another dangerous time-travel adventure. Mark and his new friend Danielle get caught up in the middle of a cultural war between the British and the Afro-Caribbean people at a time when participating in creole festivals could land you in big trouble.

About the Derek Walcott Square

Many of the events in Chaos in Castries take place in the Derek Walcott square, a public square located in Castries, St. Lucia. It was established in the 1760s and was named Columbus Square in 1892. In 1993, it was renamed to honour Nobel Laureate Sir Derek Walcott who received the 1992 Nobel Prize in Literature.

About the Author

St. Kitts-Nevis born Carol Mitchell loves books and she loves kids. Writing children’s books has given her the ability to combine both of these passions. She enjoys entertaining children and positively impacting their lives. She also finds that writing for children is just plain fun and gives her an excuse to think like a child once more.

Her other titles include the Caribbean Adventure Series, Chee Chee’s Adventure Series, The Masquerade Dance and many more. For more information, visit her blog.