Hurricane of the Heart-a Caribbean Romance

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Set on the Caribbean island of Dominica and the US, Hurricane of the Heart is a story of romance, diversity, immigration, and survival in great adversity. Alia and Kyle are as different as two people can be yet they find each other and find romance in the midst of a Hurricane of the Heart.

The Player

When Kyle agrees to be the best man at his best friend’s destination wedding on the Caribbean island of Dominica, he has one thing on his mind: partying. But all that changes when a powerful hurricane strikes the island and he finds himself trapped in a village and falling hard and fast for the indigenous beauty queen, Alia Graneau.

The Planner

Alia Graneau has goals that do not include men, least of all an immature, irresponsible American party-animal like Kyle. But the hurricane devastates more than her beautiful Caribbean island; it wreaks havoc on her heart when she falls under Kyle’s spell and is forced to choose between her ambition, her love for her country, and her love for Kyle Robinson.

Can their romance, born in a hurricane, survive the ravages of real life?

Read more about Alia in her interview with Total Eclipse Blog.

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Jewel Amethyst
978-0996435826 (Paperback)
$14.99 (Paperback)
$4.99 (Kindle)
Adult, Romance, Ebook and print
Dominica, USA
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About the Author

Jewel Amethyst is the author of two mass market romance novels, Marriage of Convenience and “From SKB with Love” one of three stories in the Holiday Brides’ romance anthology, and Pretty Little Liars: Indiscretion (Kindle Worlds Novella). Hurricane of the Heart is her second full-length romance novel.