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From April 2015 to April 2020, CaribbeanReads contributed a Caribbean Lit page to the ZING Magazine that was distributed on LIAT planes. Our contribution to this magazine ended when LIAT suspended operations in early 2020 due to COVID. As of December 2020, the page appears in Cacique magazine. Find Zing Magazine issues here.

Cacique Magazine Issue 17 CaribbeanReads' Barbara Arrindel Interview

Issue 17: 2022
Interview with Barbara Arrindell

Cacique Magazine Issue 16 CaribbeanReads' Interview

Issue 16: 2022
Interview with author Kathy Maclean

Cacique Magazine Issue 15 CaribbeanReads' IReadify Interview

Issue 15: 2022
Interview with Ireadify founders: Alisha Carlos and Simone Adjei

Cacique Magazine January 2022 CaribbeanReads' Juleus Ghunta Interview

Issue 14: January 2022
Interview with author and poet Juleus Ghunta

Cacique magazine CaribbeanReads' interview with Cherise Harris

Issue 13: October 2021
Interview with Cherise Harris

Cacique Magazine July 2021

Issue 12: July 2021
Interview with author Lisa Allen-Agostini

Cacique magazine

Issue 11: April 2021
Interview with author Eugenia O’Neal

Cacique magazine

Issue 10: December 2020
Interview with Caroline MacKenzie