Sweet Victory

Sweet Victory, the sixth title from author Heidi Fagerberg, follows a young boy and his mother as they search their garden for the perfect afternoon treat. The book showcases the beautiful artwork of Ann-Cathrine Loo and uses an engaging and fun rhyming style to teach little ones about the fruits found in the Caribbean islands.
ISBN: 9780999237267
Now available online.
Also available in Spanish! 
Pre-publication reviews:

Sweet Victory covers a lot of Kindergarten topics such as emotions, fruits, and emergent reading in terms of phonics in sing-song rhyme, sequencing and repetitive text, but it does all this in a manner that is entertaining and enjoyable to read. – Educator

I can’t wait for Sweet Victory to come out. I want this for my home library and for my classroom library. – Educator

The illustrations capture the natural beauty of the Caribbean.- Artist

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